A new paradigm for telecom test equipment

Siama Systems develops 10G/40G/100G test appliances for data centers, service providers and networking equipment manufacturers. Our appliances break conventional equipment vendor models by allowing third-parties to develop custom applications that leverage our API. This means you can purchase one of our appliances and download apps from our app store, just like you would on your smartphone or tablet. Can't find the app you need? We'll provide you with our API and support so you can develop your own or you can contact one of our Development Partners to develop it for you.

Open test appliances and downloadable apps

Just like your smartphone or tablet

The industry trend towards Network Function Virtualization (NFV) helps prevent "vendor lock-in", but it can also sacrifice performance, availability, reliability and increase power utilization. Siama Systems provides hybrid solutions that allows you to run test functions on virtual machines or hardware accelerate them with our carrier-grade, high-performance, power-efficient test appliances. To fully embrace this new wave of open systems, our appliances have an open API that enables you to custom-code your own applications.