Flexible Test Solutions for Network Equipment Manufacturers

Simplify Quality Assurance and Development Test

Verify devices and virtual network functions with ease

Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs) find today’s competitive environment challenging.  How do you test your equipment’s complex feature set cost effectively?  To add to this, the race is on to deliver production-ready virtualized networking functions, and you must stay ahead of your competition to capture market share.  Siama Systems offers solutions to test and verify your next-generation networking equipment and Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) that are feature-rich, easy-to-use and span a wide variety of applications.


Test your implementation for conformance to IEEE, ITU-T, IETF, BBF, MEF and ONF standards.


Verify and benchmark the performance of your devices or VNFs.


Decrease your time-to-market by providing easy-to-use and automated toolsets.


Provide your development and QA teams with a single platform for multiple test applications.

We provide solutions to

Ensure Conformance to Standards

Siama Systems’ products allow NEMs to quickly verify conformance to various industry standard protocols.  Our powerful packet editor capabilities allow you to generate VLAN, PBB, MPLS, IPv4, IPv6, UDP, TCP and many other protocols.

Accurate Measurements to

Verify the Performance of your Devices

Siama Systems’ performance measurement features allow NEMs to verify the throughput, latency and jitter performance of their products.  Test queuing and transmission scheduling performance using Siama’s robust set of synthetic traffic generation and tracing capabilities.

Our Solutions

Decrease your Time-to-Market

Enterprise and Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are focused on leveraging SDN and NFV solutions for their next-generation networks.  Networking vendors are virtualizing their solutions in response and time-to-market is critical to capture market share.  Let Siama Systems help you reduce your development time and costs with our state-of-the-art test solutions.  NEMs using Siama Systems’ test solutions can build test cases that focus on new feature sets for this emerging market.

A Single Platform for

Multiple Test Applications

Siama’s PROVA-X supports stacking configurations, allowing you to grow your test bed as your needs evolve.  You can quickly load new applications on your PROVA appliance and configurations can be easily imported and exported with the click of a mouse.  Our intuitive interface means your team spends less time learning how to configure test suites.  Future applications will be made available on the PROVA platform, which include stateful TCP testing and Network Emulation and Impairment.

Benchmark Switching and Routing Devices

Benchmark switching devices

Benchmark the performance of your switch, router or VNF implementations using RFC 2544 test suites.  These test suites measure throughput, loss, delay, jitter and permitted burst size of your devices.  The results are automatically plotted in real-time and reports can be downloaded in PDF format with the click of a button. 

Synthetic Traffic Generation

Synthetic traffic gen

Use GENEM’s powerful synthetic traffic generation tools to emulate real-world traffic by combining multiple application streams into multiplexed flows.  Create any type of packet and specify header values using our intuitive packet editor.  Add hardware timestamps and sequence numbers to synthetic traffic to track performance of streams.  Accurate stream rate control allows you to precisely throttle the rate of packet transmission on a test port for each stream independently.

Packet Capture and Playback

Pkt capture and playback

You can capture traffic on any of the test ports with the click of your mouse.  A large 8GB onboard capture buffer can store a copy of received packets up to line rate.  You can export the capture buffer and decode the contents using WireShark.  You can also playback the capture at the rate it was captured or at full line rate.  Upload pre-saved PCAP files to the PROVA and play them back on any test port.

Protocol Emulation

Protocol emulation

GENEM uses Siama’s micro-scan™ engines in conjunction with Exit-Actions to emulate stateful traffic between the test appliance and a DUT.  Emulate millions of TCP client connection requests to a server to verify the scalability of your implementations. 

Network Emulation and Impairment

Network Emulation & Impairment3

Emulate complex networks and systems by using GENEM’s network emulation capabilities.  Artificially add latency, jitter and loss between traffic source and sink to simulate network conditions, including congestion and loss, to determine how your applications will behave. 

Packet Filtering and Flow Monitoring

Pkt filtering & flow monitoring

Use GENEM’s powerful micro-scan™ engines to inspect and filter packets based on fine granularity indicators for monitoring.  Collect statistics on flows and micro-flows, applications or IP Address ranges.  Capture flows or enable packet forwarding to send captures to a mass storage device.

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