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Network Infrastructure to Support the

Speed of Business

Business velocity depends on fast, reliable networks.  New enterprise cloud applications, big-data acquisition and mobile connectivity are all factors driving the demand to scale infrastructure capacity and speed.  Bringing new data centers and enterprise sites online is not an easy task.  Reduce the risk by testing new infrastructure and connectivity services before going live.  Siama products cost-effectively ensure your network infrastructure and applications are ready to scale to new user demands.

In-line Service Monitoring & Troubleshooting

In-service monitoring

The PROVA appliance can be connected to a switch or router’s mirror/SPAN port, test port, or in-line with the service path.  Use the power of GENEM to non-intrusively monitor individual flows, capture flows for analysis and generate synthetic traffic on VLANs, pseudo-wires, and individual TCP/UDP sessions to test and troubleshoot issues. 

Service Activation Testing


Verify and guarantee performance before you turn circuits over to subscribers.  Service Activation Testing (SAT) allows you to verify connectivity and the correct provisioning of your circuits, including critical latency, jitter and loss performance requirements to ensure your customer will get the service quality they require.

Continuous Performance Management

Continuos PM

Monitor virtual circuits and pseudo-wires in real-time with a robust set of continuous performance management features.  GENEM allows you to gather latency, jitter and loss metrics on a per-service basis so you can compile performance data into monthly reports. 

Synthetic Traffic Generation

Synthetic traffic gen

Use GENEM’s powerful synthetic traffic generation tools to emulate real-world traffic by combining multiple application streams into multiplexed flows.  Create any type of packet and specify header values using our intuitive packet editor.  Add hardware timestamps and sequence numbers to synthetic traffic to track performance of streams.  Accurate stream rate control allows you to precisely throttle the rate of packet transmission on a test port for each stream independently.

Packet Capture and Playback

Pkt capture and playback

You can capture traffic on any of the test ports with the click of your mouse.  A large 8GB onboard capture buffer can store a copy of received packets up to line rate.  You can export the capture buffer and decode the contents using WireShark.  You can also playback the capture at the rate it was captured or at full line rate.  Upload pre-saved PCAP files to the PROVA and play them back on any test port.

Deliver on Expectations

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Siama Systems offers high-quality test & measurement solutions that allow enterprises to reduce risk, lower costs and increase their network reliability. IT professionals around the world use Siama products to verify network connectivity performance, reliability of network services and capacity of new applications.

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